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Message from the general manager
Dear Welg customers, friends from all walks of life:

I am honored to share the VIERGOU brand story with my friends.
      VIERGOU was founded in 1990 in China's faucet village and has only done one thing for 27 years. With a focus on faucets, our mission is to continue our heritage of craftsmanship and provide global customers with stylish design, comfortable and reasonable bathroom solutions. As a customer-oriented company, we are committed to bringing quality products with excellent quality and reasonable prices from China's faucet village to the world through professional services.
      VIERGOU adopts the parallel development strategy of OEM and ODM. It not only pursues the core competitiveness of “high efficiency and low cost”, but also strives to become the first-class professional manufacturing supplier in the industry. At the same time, it also creates its own brand “VIERGOU”. Chinese name "VIERGOU", the positioning of high-end bathroom brands to meet the high-end consumer groups to focus on quality, the pursuit of enjoyment of sanitary bathroom experience and other needs.
      VIERGOU has taken root in China for her third decade. Thanks to the constant innovation of VIERGOU people, it is familiar with the market and is synchronized with its business partners. VIERGOU is moving toward a steady and fast path to brand development. Product design, manufacturing plant, channel layout, some important changes are happening, and will be more and more exciting.
      Today, when we stand at a new starting point for everything, our innovative inspiration is inspired and the road to brand sublimation is before us. For the brand, for ourselves and for our common cause, this is a sublimation. Our brand has reinfused new vitality and we have a very good physical foundation. Our team and allies are full of passion and fighting spirit, and have experience and mission. We are fortunate enough to stand together at a brand new starting point for a better destination.
      Looking back at history and looking forward to the future, we will focus on expanding the influence and market share of the VIERGOU brand in China and other emerging countries in the next five years. Thank you all for your support to the VIERGOU brand. Welcome to the bathroom world of VIERGOU. We sincerely invite you to visit our factory. Our production base is located in China's faucet kingdom - Kaiping, Guangdong.
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